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Stream Nails’ “Abandon All Life” Right Now Motherfuckers


Nails - Abandon All Life

Abandon All Life, the new hateful act album by Nails, is likely to be one of 2013’s most vituperative releases. It’s so metal that the vinyl copy will most likely break the needle on your record player. Mp3s of the music will likely rape all the other songs on your iPod to death. If you told me that the CD actually set someone’s home on fire, I would not be all that surprised. It’s a furnace that turns all beautiful things to ash, a wraith that makes the living beg to be dead. It will use its bare hands to rip out, and then make you eat, your own tongue. It pulls your teeth out with a plier and then shoves them back into your gums completely out of order. It keeps you in awake for days on end by kicking you square in the testicles every time you begin to drift off to sleep. That’s not dinner it just served you, it’s the fetus that was forcefully torn from your womb, and if you don’t pretend to love every bite of it, it’s going to break every bone in your body and bury you alive. It keeps a portable defibrillator on its person at all times so that it can kill you and then revive you in order to kill you again. Abandon All Life is the sound of someone shitting acid and pissing razors.

Holy shit I love this album.

Stream Abandon All Life here. It’s out on Southern Lord today! The band will hit the road with Xibalba and Early Graves in April; dates are below, courtesy of Invisible Oranges, who are sponsoring the trek:

April 26 Cobra Lounge Chicago, IL
April 27 Now That’s Class Cleveland, OH
April 28 The Funeral Home Buffalo, NY
April 29 Sneaky Dee’s Toronto, ON
April 30 Il Motore Montreal, QC
May 1 Bogies Albany, NY
May 2 Great Scott Boston, MA
May 3 St. Vitus Brooklyn, NY
May 4 O’Reilly’s Philadelphia, PA

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