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New Music from Shining: “The One Inside”



Despite the fact that later this week we’ll finally get the new album One One One by Norway’s Shining — the jazzy, saxophone, Blackjazz incarnation using the moniker, not the suicidal, depressing [but also awesome] Swedish one — we’ve still only heard one song from the record,”I Won’t Forget.” The record hasn’t gotten a proper marketing or PR push Stateside, but hey, the Internet exists! And so, every day this week we’ll get to hear one new song from One One One courtesy of the Norwegian national radio website

Today’s new song is called “The One Inside,” and it’s infectious pretty much from note one [one one]. Here’s what Shining mainman/saxophonist Jørgen Munkeby had to say about it:

Our new album One One One is the most immediate record we’ve ever done. The songs are short and concise. Our first single “I Will Not Forget” is already playlisted on the national radio in Norway and makes us very proud. The record was written up and mixed in sunny California and that’s why we chose a glowing organge color on the cover.

In addition to “I Will Not Forget” it seems like “The One Inside” is the one that’s going to be a favorite during the live shows. The few times we’ve done this song live we see that the disco groove in the chorus makes the heads of the audience turn into a synchronous wave.

Stream “The One Inside” right here and tell us what you think. We’ll be posting more new Shining music as it becomes available later this week.

Thanks to MS reader Totto Mjelde for the news tip and the English translation.

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