Sheesh, Even David Draiman’s Brother Sucks

  • Axl Rosenberg

So as it turns out, David Draiman has a brother who is also a “singer.” His name is Ben Draiman, and while he does share some qualities with his sibling (lack of hair, lack of talent, etc.), I think he may actually suck harder than David does. It’s like Ben is the DeVito to David’s Schwarzenegger, only really David is DeVito and Ben is whomever would be sub-DeVito. Ephialtes, maybe?

There is one thing about this video that I like, though, and that’s the fact that it appears to have been filmed in Israel. I’m totally kidding, it would be garbage no matter where they filmed it. I just thought I’d point out the location.

I’m sure this appears on an album or something, but I don’t care enough to do the research.

Fuck you to whomever it was that e-mailed this to me. You’re probably the same person who hacked us. Dick.

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