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Not Question Of The Week: Does This Awesome Video Give U A Panic Attack? [NSFE]



Hey MetalSucks dudes! What’s up! Oh hang on, what’s that? — are u frowning? Omg are u okay? Is it about today’s hiatus for Question Of The Week? Oh I see. Please don’t spaz, friend, QOTW will return next week all new, all picky, and all awesome! So there’s no reason to fret. Here let me dab those tears with this tissue. Cmonnn chin up; there that’s better. 

Gosh it sucks to see u so bummed. Hmm. Look, how about this: Would it make u feel better if we had a quick little discussion here, y’know, to hold u over until seven long days pass and it becomes time again to discuss, debate, and decry some metal issues in  QOTW? Oh WOW there’s a smile! Wanna do that, buddy? Yeah, that’s the ticket: just a private little tiny Question Of The um Afternoon, no big whoop. We’ll even bold some stuff and embed a fun video okay? Here goes:

Inspired by a video-induced bout of temporary psychosis, we now ask u the following:

Does this weird video by Pryapisme totally scramble your brain-banana?

WARNING Video may be unsuitable for sufferers of photosensitive epilepsy! Caution!

What u think? Are u kinda shaken and blank, like after u watched Enter The Void? lol Order Pryapisme’s new record here and here then comment below :)


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