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When Pantera and Skid Row Covered Kiss

  • Axl Rosenberg


So the other day I was listening to the new Skid Row EP, United World Rebellion — Chapter One*, and it’s fucking terrible. I was then bitching to a friend about how great Skid Row were in their heyday, and how not only did they rock supremely hard, but they were also really heavy — in fact, as Chuck Klosterman points out in Fargo Rock City, while pretty much every band of The Skids’ era would say “Our new album is totally our heaviest!”, they were the only ones who were actually telling the truth.

“BLECH!” my ignoramus of a pal shouted. “Skid Row were always just a pussy hair metal band.”

I really thought we’d already disproven these ridiculous accusations, but I guess not everyone is a diligent a reader of MetalSucks as they ought to be.”DUDE,” I articulately countered. “They used to tour with Pantera!”

“NUH-UH!” my friend protest.

And so, with a roll of the eyes, to YouTube I went, to dig up old videos of the two bands lovingly sharing the stage together. And now I’m sharing these videos with you, so when one of your ignoramus friends is like “Skid Row is a vagina band,” you can be like, “Yo fuck you dude! Slave to the Grind forever!”

So here’s Phil Anselmo and Ace Frehely joining Skid Row on stage for a rendition of Kiss’ “Cold Gin”…

…and here’s Sebastian Bach joining Pantera on stage to cover the same tune (love that Dime put his Space Ace make-up on for this):

And then I found twenty bucks.

*Dear Skid Row, please don’t feel obligated to make a Chapter Two unless you reunite with Baz. K thanks.

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