Ville Valo Sheds a “Tear,” Cuts His Body Mass Index in Half


H.I.M. have released a video for the title track of their new album Tears on Tape, and you can watch it below. Is it just me or is Vile Valo looking dangerously skinny these days? The guy has always been rock-star thin, but he’s now at the point where I’d be legitimately concerned for his health. Those arms! Jeez, they’re giving Kate Moss a run for her money. Also, I know this isn’t new at all or unique to this video, but the juxtaposition between Valo’s uber-serious presentation and that of the rest of his misfit bandmates — especially keyboard dude sitting on the floor — is absolutely hilarious here.

I share in Axl’s assessment that H.I.M. have lost their appeal to me of late, but I’ve listened to their older material recently and I think that it does hold up. Either my taste in music has changed (likely), H.I.M. have lost a step (likely, and understandable after eight albums), or a combination of both. With regards to Tears on Tape specifically, it doesn’t help that the mixing job is really weak.

If the below video embed isn’t working, watch the video here.

H.I.M.’s new album Tears on Tape comes out April 30 on Razor & Tie.

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