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Prosthetic Records’ Entire Catalog is Now on Bandcamp


Prosthetic Records / BandcampProsthetic Records has followed in the steps of Relapse Records and has made their entire catalog — or at least a very healthy portion of it — available for instant download on Bandcamp.

Every album is available for just $10, meaning you can now download releases by Lamb of God, Kylesa, The Acacia Strain, Animals as Leaders, Holy Grail, Landmine Marathon, Scale the Summit, Trap Them and dozens more in high quality formats such as FLAC and 320kbps MP3 for less than you’d pay anywhere else. Multiple albums from each artist are listed in the right sidebar once you click into each artist page, while the most recent release is featured in the center. A notable exception is Gojira, whose Bandcamp pages link to the regular Prosthetic webstore. My guess there is that there are digital restrictions on Prosthetic’s deal with Listenable Records, who listened the Gojira albums to Prosthetic for the U.S.

This is a great move for Prosthetic. They’re making money where before there was no money, and they’re making their music available in a place where fans want to buy it (and in high quality files, too). If Prosthetic’s Bandcamp business ends up cannibalizing their iTunes business, it’s still a win: Bandcamp only takes 15% of every sale (and only 10% once Prosthetic reaches the $5,000 yearly threshold) as opposed to iTunes’ 30%. I don’t think their Bandcamp sales will impact their iTunes sales, though, and if so, only minimally; I believe that the majority of those who buy from Bandcamp wouldn’t be buying from other services anyway.

It’s also been proven that Bandcamp is a piracy killer. And Bandcamp allows full album streams for everything that’s posted for sale. Look, here’s New American Gospel, enjoy:

Why isn’t every metal label on Bandcamp yet? There is absolutely nothing to lose. Century Media, Metal Blade, Nuclear Blast, eOne, Sumerian, where you at? Season of MistCandlelightSeventh RuleBasickWillowtip and of course Relapse are all on the Bandcamp train already.

Visit Prosthetic’s Bandcamp landing page here.

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