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Gigantour 2013 is Not Getting Any Cooler

  • Axl Rosenberg

Death Division

Tim Yeung is a very talented drummer who either has terrible judgement or otherwise just horrible luck: his last two projects of note were Dino Cazares’ ill-fated Divine Heresy, and being a part of Morbid Angel’s Illud Divinum Insanus line-up.

Alas, his new band, Death Division, doesn’t help his track record any, which isn’t surprising when you consider that they’re lead by Jerry Montano, who previous credits include Hellyeah and Nothingface.

Death Division have now been added to Gigantour 2013, joining Megadeth (duh) and David Draiman’s Device. We still don’t know how many other bands are going to on the tour, but if the past couple of editions are indication, it will only be one, maybe two more, tops. At this point, it’s virtually impossible that whichever band or bands that is/are, they won’t be able to redeem this thing.

Man, it’s hard to be right all the time.

Tour dates haven’t been announced yet, but it’s not looking like we’ll even need tour dates so whatever.

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