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Newsted Complete Gigantour 2013 Pentad of Platitudinousness

  • Axl Rosenberg

Gigantour 2013 Pentad of Platitudinousness

Looks like Gigantour will have five bands this year: according to Metal Insider, Jason Newsted’s cleverly named Newsted have been added to the bill. That doesn’t really help the tour’s pathetic line-up any, but it does make for some interesting trivia, such as:

  • There will now be two former members of Metallica on the tour.
  • Four of the five bands feature musicians who are better known for other bands.
  • Limp Bizkit did not have enough money to buy on.
  • At age thirty-five, Tim Yeung is now the youngest musician on the tour by a solid three decades.
  • Cliff Burton is still dead.

In conclusion, I think this best sums up Gigantour 2013:

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