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Whoa: Howard Jones Was in a Coma for Three Days

  • Axl Rosenberg


It’s been almost a year-and-a-half since former Killswitch Engage vocalist Howard Jones revealed that he has type-2 diabetes. And while that’s obviously quite serious, I’m not sure any of us realized just how serious. He tells Metal Hammer in a new interview:

“Finding out you’re diabetic is pretty dramatic. I just started feeling weird, and then I started getting really clumsy. I fell down some stars and broke a finger, then fell down some other stairs and broke a toe. Then I collapsed. I was in a coma for three days. They basically told me I had the highest sugar level they’d ever seen. Afterwards, they told me I had a 50/50 chance of coming out with brain damage.”

Man… how scary is that??? Obviously, we’re relieved that Jones has come through okay, and presumably now gets the treatment he requires. He’s all of forty-two — far too young for us to lose him.

Jones is currently working on a new project with All Shall Perish’s Francesco Artusato and Devolved’s  John Sankey.

[via The PRP]


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