Well, Gee, That’s Not Hypocritical, Ozzy

  • Axl Rosenberg

Ozzy Pot Ward Kettle

Yesterday we saw some live footage of Black Sabbath performing a new song, “Loner,” and ten out of ten people with ears agreed: Ozzy Osbourne sounds like shit. And hey, look, it’s not his fault. He’s sixty-four years old and by all accounts he’s lead a very full life. Most singers his age have lost their magic touch; it’s just the way the human body works. The Ronnie James Dios are the exception, not the rule.

But rather than accept this fact gracefully, Ozzy has chosen to completely ignore it, grow the biggest set of balls on public record, and tell Mojo:

“I guess [Ward’s departure has] to do with finances or something. But there was also another side to it. When Bill came along, we all had to ask, ‘Can he do an hour-and-a-half, two-hour gig? Can he cope?’ My suggestion was that we run through a set and see how he got on because he was so out of condition and the drummer is the most demanding job in the whole band. We looked at Bill, and he couldn’t remember what the fuck we were doing. But he didn’t come clean and say, ‘I can’t cut this gig, but can we work something out, guys, where I’ll come on but with another drummer backing me up?’ Or, ‘I’ll come and play a few songs.’ That would have been cool.”

Uh… what? I mean, it could be true — I haven’t heard Ward play the drums since 2005, so who knows — but still. That comment makes about as much sense as if Ozzy had said “He’s a dirty Limey. Fuck the British. They have silly accents, bad teeth, and horrible food.” Seriously. Ever seen that Richard Pryor movie See No Evil, Hear No Evil?


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