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Will the New Anvil Album Be Good? There Ain’t a Hope in Hell!

  • Axl Rosenberg

Anvil - Hope in Hell

You know how you can tell that Anvil the movie was better than Anvil the band? The film’s director, Sacha Gervasi, went on to make a big Hollywood movie with Anthony Hopkins and Helen Mirren, while the band went on to rediscovering their irrelevancy. It would have been nice if the band could have enjoyed their fifteen minutes and then finally cut their poor families a break and settled into jobs as not-musicians, but they’re still plugging along, and have a new album, Hope in Hell, coming out later this month.

Unfortunately, if the title track is any indication, this album is not gonna change Anvil’s fortunes any. They still sound like your sad uncle’s garage band, which makes sense, ’cause that’s more or less what they are. The only silver lining, really, is that the horrible lyrics and melody line are kinda funny.

SPV/Steamhammer will release Hope in Hell on May 24 in Germany and May 27 in the rest of Europe. All the other continents are safe for now. Phew!

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