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White Wizzard Are “Kings of the Highway”

  • Axl Rosenberg

White Wizzard -The Devils CutI’ve never really been the world’s biggest White Wizzard fan, but I at least always understood their appeal… until now. Their new single, “Kings of the Higway,” is just, like, the most boring kind of Iron Maiden rip-off imaginable. The music definitely deserves to be given a dunce cap and sat down in the corner, but I think a big part of the blame also lies with the band’s newest vocalist, Joseph Michael. His voice just isn’t nearly as commanding or dynamic as that of Wyatt Anderson, who I think most people would agree has been WW’s best front man to date.

The good news is, I guess, given White Wizzard’s member turnover rate, Joseph Michael probably won’t be in the band very much longer. Maybe the next dude will be better?

The Devil’s Cut comes out June 25 on Century/Earache, or three weeks earlier if you live in Europe or just have internet access.

[via Metal Underground]


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