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Falling in Reverse are Rap Metal Now


All I know about Falling in Reverse is the hilarious video ex-Sworn Enemy guitarist Lorenzo “The Main Event” Antonucci published last year in which he called the band’s lead singer Ronnie Radke out on being a colossal dickhead for ejecting his fans from a show. And that is really all I ever needed, need or will need to know about this craptastic band.

Except that Falling in Reverse are making headlines today with their new song “Alone” — in which Mr. Radke adds rap metal to the shit sandwich of electronica and haircutcore breakdowns his band already employed — so I’ve been forced to at least look. We’ve seen this coming ever since 2007 when young bands started name-checking Korn as an influence, but the nu-metal revival movement is really on the upswing now. Thanks for nothing, Hacktivist!

[via The PRP]

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