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“Don’t Bring a Knife to a Gun Fight:” Steve Jenkins feat. Vernon Reid


Steve Jenkins and the Coaxial FlutterSteve Jenkins is an NYC-based bass savant who’s played with a plethora of rock and jazz musicians so impressive it’ll make your head spin. He also plays bass in Living Colour guitarist Vernon Reid’s long-running side-project Masque, so it’s no surprise that when Jenkins set out to record an album all his own Reid was more than happy to lend his unmistakeable guitar tones to one of the album’s tracks. Stream that track, “Don’t Bring a Knife to a Gun Fight,” below. Casual LC fans might or might not recognize the heavy, funky flavor of Reid’s riffage in the verses, but anyone with any kind of knowledge of the nineteenth best modern metal guitarist should be able to spot the Vernonian wonk in the crazy guitar solo from a mile away.

Jenkins’ solo album Steve Jenkins And The Coaxial Flutter comes out on May 14th. More info at his official website. Here’s another track called “Sphere” that doesn’t feature Reid but calls Animals as Leaders’ “CAFO” to mind:

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