Geoff Tate Watches Fans Tell Him How Bad He Sucks (Sort Of)

  • Axl Rosenberg

It is surely to Geoff Tate’s credit that his response to the negative reaction many, if not all, of Queensrÿche’s fans had to his new album, Frequency Unknown, was not some Morbid Angel-esque bullshit about how people are slowly warming up to the release, or the music just ahead of its time, or whatever. Instead, Tate launched a contest inviting fans to send in videos of themselves telling him how bad the record sucked; Tate himself would select a winner who would get an all-expenses paid trip to see Taterÿche live, participate in a meet and greet, and get a bunch of merch.

Now, in the oh-so-meta vein of the infamous reaction clips to “2 Girls 1 Cup,” Tate has released a video of himself watching these contest entries. Unfortunately, one gets the impression that said video is… well… dishonest. Most of the running time is spent intercutting footage of various entrants — and either there were not a lot of entries, or for whatever reason, the makers of this video decided to focus on just a few people — and the shots of Tate’s reactions feel pretty staged. I’m guessing he was actually filmed after he’d already watched the videos once, and was able to provide various comical facial expressions for the camera.

It’s still entertaining enough — the entrants’ videos guarantee that — but, in typical Tate fashion, it’s not really “as advertised,” so to speak.


Frequency Unknown is out now.

[via Classic Rock]

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