Guitar World Names “Blind” by Korn “The Greatest Seven-String Guitar Song of All Time”

  • Axl Rosenberg

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If I asked you to name the best metal song to feature seven string guitars, which song might you choose? Something by Meshuggah, perhaps? Or maybe a tune by Dream Theater or Nevermore or Morbid Angel? Maybe even something more recent, like an Animals as Leaders or Periphery track?

All would be valid choices, and all appear, in some form or another (Periphery are actually runners-up), on Guitar World‘s new list of “The 10 Greatest Seven-String Guitar Songs of All Time,” which also includes such fine artists as the Deftones, Emperor, and Steve Vai.

Unfortunately, Korn’s breakthrough single, “Blind,” tops the list, throwing a giant middle finger in the face of musicians who can actually play their instrument.

I mean, I know these lists are bullshit — believe me, I know! — but… Korn? Really? Does anyone truly believe for a second that Munky and Head are in the same league as Jeff Loomis, Fredrik Thordendal, John Petrucci or Tosin Abasi? Naming “Blind” the best seven string guitar song of all time is like asserting that your kindergartener’s crayon drawing on the fridge is better than the Mona Lisa. Okay okay okay, so ultimately it’s a matter of opinion, but BE FUCKING REASONABLE, y’know?

You can check out the entire list here, then come back and rage in our comments section. Don’t forget to bitch about which songs got left off the list altogether!

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