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Let’s All Take LSD, Get Naked, and Dance to the New Man’s Gin Song

  • Axl Rosenberg

Mans Gin - Rebellion Hymns

Speaking of hippy-dippy-not-really-metal: Pitchfork has debuted “Deer Head & the Rain,” a new song from Man’s Gin, the band featuring Cobalt’s Erik Wunder. While the album art suggests something considerably more anarchistic, “Deer Head” is actually the kind of song that students at small liberal arts colleges sing around the fire while girls who are tripping balls dance around topless.

I know I’m being snarky here (Nnnnnnoooo! Not you, Axl!), but I actually think it’s pretty good. It’s been a minute since I’ve watched topless coeds dance, y’know? And there’s something melancholic about this song that suits my mood today.

Go here to check out “Deer Head & the Rain.” It will appear on the new Man’s Gin album, Rebellion Hymns, which comes out June 25 on Profound Lore.


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