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Sh*t That Comes Out Today: May 14, 2013

  • David Lee Rothmund

Ape Machine Mangled By The Machine

Oy, do I have mouthwatering morsels for you and your ear-holes today. It’s like a six-course meal up in here (pinkies out)! I’ve arranged the offerings properly, and trust me, they are fuckin’ A-grade prime — rare and bloody — so get yer fork and scimitar. Seriously though, this Tuesday is such a banquet of heavy. Do enjoy, and keep yer elbows off the fuckin’ table gawd-dammit!


death dealer War MasterDeath Dealer
War Master (Steel Cartel)
On a playlist with: Manowar, Death’s version of “Painkiller,” Hammerfall
Listen “Death Dealer” (here)

“Wooooahhhh-AH-ahhhhhhhh-YEAHHHHHHHHH-EIIIIIAHHHHH!” Seriously, had a glass on my desk near my jammy-speaks; ten seconds later, said desk is covered in shards of said glass. Shit! Now Death Dealer owes me five spacebucks. Jk, I’m gonna be paying them, cause War Master makes me feel so g-damn delectable on the inside. I mean, their energy is an erection of legion-scale power. And dat voice is to die for, especially around the 3:05 mark when he goes all, “DEAAATTTH DEALLER” and then “EEEIIIIIAHHHH”! Love me them power screams, and you will love them too! Piss off your neighbors with this one, please.


Heart In Hand Almost ThereHeart in Hand
Almost There (Siege of Amida)
On a playlist with: Bury Tomorrow, Conducting From the Grave, Counterparts
Listen “Broken Lights” (here) “Almost There” (here) “Life Goes On…” (here) “Home/Sick” (here)

Okay, flakjacket on. Most whine-core bands stick a fork in my side and then start twisting it around like they were eating spaghetti. But Heart In Hand and Almost There kind of transcend “meh, shut up already” vocals with all deez drippy choruses interspersed with Conducting-style breakdowns. Don’t forget the gentle, sleepy-time interludes, either! But it won’t put ya to sleep — I mean, Almost There is well-rounded, but it’s an album that fits a very specific mood. Hm, like crying because your boyfran/girlfran cheated on you with a velociraptor named Steve? Also, one of the top YouTube comments called it “gentlemancore”? I dunno bout that – I just maintain that it is indeed good shit that came out today.


Hybrid AngstHybrid
Angst (Deepsend)
On a playlist with: Wormed, Devourment, Gojira
Listen “Flesh Fusion Threshold” (here)

Sometimes I come across new musaks that just make me go, “Wait a damn minute, these dudes are on to something here.” And shit yeah, Hybrid made me say that out loud. Angst deconstructs multiple subgenres and rearranges them into an architecture of elephant-marching riffs and jazzy drum fills — but what stands out is its lack of seams. Even the first track (above) is packed with an album’s worth of variation and progression — but it’s not bulging nor is it disorientating. It’s actually quite like bathing in Spanish wine. By the way hit me up if you have a bath of Spanish wine!


Death Ray Vision Get Lost Or Get DeadDeath Ray Vision
Get Lost Or Get Dead EP (Bullet Tooth)
On a playlist with: Shadows Fall, Take Offense, Bad Seed
Listen Get Lost Or Get Dead full stream (here)

First you’ll notice Brian Fair’s signature clean-scream vocals and think, “Oh golly gee, this Shadows Fall is relevant again!” And though they’re not, Get Lost or Get Dead EP is what they should have written after The War Within. It’s a punky/punchy/hardcore feel, simple constructions, and Fair’s manly-man voice (which sounds like wet denim being ripped). Start with “Not For Glory” — it brings heavy, sharp, and fast back to whatever not-drop-Z tuning they’re playing in (so refreshing). Plus, it makes me want to windmill in this lame coffee shop right now! Voice inside my head: “Do it, you bastard, doooo it!”


Beyond Creation - The AuraBeyond Creation
The Aura (Season of Mist)
On a playlist with: Gorod, Obscura, Soreption
Listen The Aura full stream (here)

Tech-death bands these days are $0.10/dozen, for realsies. But — and I beg you — just listen to the fourth track, “Omnipresent Perception,” and tell me you don’t get loveshivers at that massively loud bass and the riff that starts at 0:25. And then, by god, it gets wicked raw with the solo at 1:37. And even more, goddammit, there’s a fucking bass solo! Beyond Creation is a step above your run-of-the-mill, and you’ll be running like hell from the mill when you jam this album cause a) dat mill will have been set on fire, and b) there’s just so much sick fury here to make you run faster than the kid from The Sandlot. Can’t handle it all, it’s a goddamn overload!


The Dillinger Escape Plan - One of Us is a KillerThe Dillinger Escape Plan
One Of Us Is The Killer (Sumerian)
On a playlist with: Converge, Norma Jean, The Chariot
Listen One Of Us Is The Killer full stream (here)

The first time I heard the Dillinger Escape Plan, I couldn’t goddamn stand them. Then I had a run of Option Paralysis, and it made my pants shrink (esp. its penultimate track, “Parasitic Twins”). I still don’t know what made my brain click: DEP is so buttery and maniacal and punchy and raw. And One of Us Is the Killer is kind of a return to the grittier Ire Works feels, but withholding some of the more softcore melodic interludes of Option. And so it is: A sharp uppercut into your jawbone that leaves you smiling. Grinning, actually! If you’re a long-time fanny-fan, you shan’t be disappointed. If you’re like me and started off sour with DEP, give the links above a spinny-spin and see if their revamped, reloaded attitude rubs off on you. Speaking of rubbing off…



Adoran Adoran (ConSouling) listen
Ape Machine Mangled By The Machine (Ripple) listen
Arckanum Fenris Kindir (Season Of Mist) listen listen
Artizan Ancestral Energy (Pure Steel) listen
Beyond Mortal Dreams Dreaming Death EP (Lavadome) listen
Black Cowgirl Black Cowgirl (Restricted Release) listen
intoxicated - album cover SMALLCultura Tres Rezando Al Miedo (Devouter) listen
Devil Gather The Sinners (Soulseller) listen listen
Enshine Origin (Rain Without End) listen listen listen
Entrails Raging Death (Metal Blade) listen listen listen
Escape The Fate Ungrateful (Eleven Seven) listen
Extinction Protocol Aeonic Obliteration (P2) listen listen
From Far Away Recover Repeat (At Your Command) listen
Fucking Invincible Downtown Is Dead listen listen
Extinction Protocol Aeonic ObliterationGravewurm Infernal Minions (Hells Headbangers) listen
Hexvessel Iron Marsh EP (Svart) listen
Highness Hold (Magic Bullet) listen listen
Immolation Kingdom Of Conspiracy (Nuclear Blast) listen listen read
Intöxicated Rock ‘N Roll Hell Patrol (Hells Headbangers) listen
Killing Joke The Singles Collection 3CD (Spinefarm) listen
Kings Destroy A Time Of Hunting (War Crimes) listen
Lifeforms Multidimensional (Lifeforce) listen
Entrails-Raging-DeathMortal Form The Reckoning (My Kingdom) listen
The Monolith Deathcult Tetragrammaton (Season Of Mist) listen
Move Forward Nothing’s Left To Save Us (Westcoast Worldwide) listen
My Dying Bride The Manuscript EP (Peaceville) listen read
Negator Gates To The Pantheon (Prosthetic) listen
Ocellus Departure (Pavement) listen
Orchid The Mouths of Madness (Nuclear Blast) listen
Pop Evil Onyx (eOne) listen listen
The Resistance Scars (Armoury) listen listen
ZombificationSteve Von Till As The Crow Flies reissue (Neurot) listen
Thinning The Herd Freedom From The Known (Saint Marks) listen listen
Tribulation The Formulas Of Death (Invictus) listen listen
Trucker Diablo Songs Of Iron (Ripple) listen
Uncle Acid & The Deadbeats Mind Control (Metal Blade) listen listen
Utopium Vicious Consolation / Virtuous Totality (Bleak) listen
Zolle Zolle (Supernatural Cat) listen
Zombiefication At The Caves Of Eternal (Pulverised) listen


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