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Kanye West Thinks “Heavy Metal” Sweatpants are Cool



We bet you anything Kanye West has never been to a Devourment show. Not that any self-respecting Devourment fan would spend $325 on any single article of clothing.

But that didn’t stop the hip-hop artist/producer/Kim Kardashian-impregnator from wearing some of the gaudiest sweatpants known to mankind at a recent Versace store opening, giving Chris Brown’s infamous metal jacket a run for its money.

Metal Injection dug up some info on the pants’ genesis: they’re part of a collection from a British designer named Kokan Dozai. Hockey Metal Chic? With fake band logos? No comprendo. Here are some of the other items in the line:




All kidding aside, if someone decided to manufacture Lake Bukakke sweatpants I’d totally buy a pair.

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