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Robin Finck Re-Joins Nine Inch Nails, Axl Rosenberg Jizzes Everywhere

  • Axl Rosenberg

As the unofficial president of The Robin Finck Man Crush Club, when Trent Reznor announced that he was reactivating Nine Inch Nails with Finck, I wept, asserting that “A NIN show without [Finck’s] contortionismbizarre hair style choices, and fish face is no NIN show at all.”

Well, I guess Reznor agreed with me after all! Earlier today, he tweeted the below photo of Finck rehearsing with the group…

Robin Finck Rejoins Nine Inch Nails

…along with the message “It just didn’t feel like Nine Inch Nails without Robin Finck. Now it does.”

For his part, Finck celebrated by sending out his first tweet in almost two years:

This is thrilling news, to be sure. Let’s celebrate with a video of Finck absolutely slaying the solo from NIN’s “Ruiner,” shall we?

Welcome back, Mr. Finck. We missed you so much!

[via The PRP]

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