Metallica Noos #1: Trailer + Poster Fer Through the Never


FUCK YEAH BROS! Here’s the coming attractions fer Thru the Never, the Metallica 3D movie. It doesn’t really tell you much about the story with the kid other than he gets into a WORLD of trouble and probably learns some real lessons about being a man and the power of Metallica, but it does tell you that you’re gonna see this movie because Metallica are the best band in the world and they sound SO GODDAMN COOL live. METALLICA FOR LIFE MOTHERFUCKERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I find the poster kinda confewzing at first, tho. Like, it looks like one of those signs that tells you can’t do something, like “HEY NO SMOKING ON THE AIRPLANE” or “GHOSTBUSTERS! NO STUPID DICK GHOSTS ALLOWED MOTHERFUCKERS!” But then I realized that the big cross is through the word NEVER, so it’s like it means NO NEVER, as in “YOU CAN’T NEVER SEE THIS MOVIE,” as in “SEE THIS MOVIE, DUDE!” See it’s what’s my high school reading tuder called a POSITIVE-NEGATIVE. That’s just one of the many reasons Metallica are the best band ever: not only do they rock, but they’re real smart, too!!!!


I can’t wait to see this movie! It’s gunna make Avatar look like that stoopid black and white movie Steven Spielberg made about those sad people working for the Germuns during WWII, man!

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