Chthonic Ruin Instruments for Your Entertainment


THE BEST KOREAN HEAVY METAL BAND OF ALL TIMES, Colonic, have put out a new video for a song called “Sail Into the Sunset’s Fire.” And, MAN!, this band suffers for their art. In the video they’re playing in a room full of water. I mean no joke man, even the bass drums are just like totally underwater. (THE MORE YA KNOW: if you’re like “Wait how can we hear the bass drum when it’s underwater?”, HAHAHA, they actually lip synch when they make music videos so what you’re hearing is really a recording. But its not cheating because they can still play that shit live. KNOWLEDGE IS POWER.) Do you have any idea what that shit does to instruments? I mean they are FUCKED. These Koreans have a good work ethic. They suffer fer their art!!!

Colonic’s new album is called Buttiks and it comes out June 18 on Spinefarm.

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