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The Dude Who Impersonated Former White Zombie Drummer Phil Buerstatte is Going to Jail

  • Axl Rosenberg

Former White Zombie drummer Phil Buerstatte passed away this week, and apparently the first thing he did when he got to The Other Side is cosmically bitch slap some schmuck who was impersonating him.

You may recall that a man named Loren Breckenridge arrested in Sausalito, California last year after attempting to pay for a four-week stay in a rehab facility with a fake check. Breckenridge claimed to be Buerstatte, and authorities actually had a hard time figuring out if he was telling the truth or not.

But I guess after Buerstatte’s death, the police checked on Breckenridge, saw that he was still alive, and said “Well that settles that!” From The Marin Independent Journal:

“A man accused of booking himself into two Marin County rehabs under the name of a former White Zombie drummer was sentenced to jail Thursday for fraud and grand theft.

“Loren Dean Breckenridge III, 43, received a total sentence of three years and four months, but only the first 16 months are for jail time, said Deputy District Attorney Dorothy Chou Proudfoot.

“After that, Breckenridge will be placed under ‘mandatory supervision’ by the probation department, Proudfoot said. The split sentence is part of the state’s so-called “realignment plan” to reduce the prison population.”

A quick look at even just very shitty-quality photos of the two men show that Breckenridge (left) is not at all Buerstatte:

Will the Real Phil Buerstatte Please Stand Up

Breckenridge has apparently also tried to pass for the actor Loren Dean (Say AnythingEnemy of the State) based on the fact that they share the same first and middle name, but he doesn’t look anything like that dude, either:

Conviction Premiere - Beverly Hills

Interestingly, Breckenridge actually DOES kinda resemble a young Buerstatte…

Breckenridge Buerstatte Comparison

…but yeah obviously a moot point because this guy has issues, and he can now prepare to have La Sexorcisto with large men against his will in prison.

In related news, Rob Zombie still doesn’t care.

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