Video: Geoff Tate Steals a Fan’s Phone and Tosses it Away


So Geoff Tate’s version of Queensrÿche is now up and running and, in theory at least, fully operational. They’ve released an album; now they’re touring. And despite the reputation he’s developed for being a real cocktard, Tate has even gone out of his way to demonstrate having a sense of humor about how everyone thinks he sucks so bad. Short of actually writing and recording decent music, he’s really doing been doing everything he can to make his version of Queensrÿche work for the fans.

But a dog can’t help but lick its balls, and Geoff Tate apparently cannot help but behave like a prima donna putz.

At a recent concert, a fan was either filming or taking still photos of Tate mid-performance — as concertgoers are wont to do these days — and Tate decided to demonstrate his displeasure by grabbing the phone from the fan, walking away, and tossing the phone over his back and into the crowd. Because just throwing the phone wouldn’t have been dickish enough — he also had to literally turn his back on the fan and attempt to look cool.

Sadly for Tate, the fan whose phone he stole was not the only person in the crowd filming that night. And so now we can all see Tate act like a taint:

Now, there’s an argument to be made that the fan shouldn’t have had his phone out. In olden times, filming or taking photos at a concert without permission was considered bootlegging, and it would either get you kicked out of the concert or attacked by Axl Rose, depending on what show you were attending. And I’m sure some, if not all, performers find the constant array of digital lights distracting.

That being said, a) as I stated before, filming shit/taking photos with your phone is pretty commonplace these days, and b) even if Tate decided he wanted to take some kind of a moral stand against the use of phones at concerts, this was not the way to do it.

Of course, it’s also possible that Tate was just pissed because the iPhone doesn’t automatically add umlauts to “Queensrÿche,” but, rather, auto-corrects the name to read “Queen arch.” I suppose that would be totally reasonable.

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