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He Is Legend Explains False Start, Announces New Drummer

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HiL with new drummer Sam Huff (center) as far as u know
HiL with new drummer Sam Huff (center) as far as u know

Nearly a year ago, He Is Legend followed their return to active status with an announcement of a start to work on a new album, the follow-up to 2009 superclassic It Hates You. And since then … nothing happened. uh What the? Why?! What’s been going on with the four Wilmington, North Carolina, superstudz for the past 12 months while the rest of us have been plotting murders, grinding out meth, and barfing on Dave Mustaine?

Answer: Schooling, jobs, frustration, and at last, change. In a lengthy post on Saturday, He Is Legend explained their slow re-boot and re-promises a start to the end of all this dreadful waiting. Here’s the main stuff:

  • At some point in the past few years, HiL drummer and lifebro Steve Bache moved away from Wilmington to pursue higher education. (According to a source, Bache is about two hours away at Duke doing his masters in holy shit Medical Physics?! It’s okay to disbelieve that on the basis of all that u know about drummers. lol:)
  • Bache’s absence limited HiL activities — as did unexplained “financial and legal issues” — so progress on that new album “wasn’t really working out.”
  • The search for a replacement for Bache was sad, but fruitful: In their own backyard, they found drummer Sam Huff, now an official member of HiL. It took a bit of time and stress.
  • Now, after a hiatus, a return to touring, and the start of pre-pre-production, HiL is finally set to start their fourth album for real. The HiL statement summarizes this topic thusly: “Fuck.”
  • As reported, production is the domain of Mitchell Marlow (Filter, In This Moment), producer of It Hates You; pre-production is planned for the studio of HiL guitarist Worth Weaver.

Sounds like it’s been a frustrating year for He Is Legend — which must be frustrating to experience right after the preceding five or six frustrating years. But the statement’s vibe indicates good chemistry with Huff and we might assume that all this downtime has enabled the composition of superjamz beyond all comprehension. That’s their way anyway!


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