Serj Tankian Explains Why There’s No New System of a Down Music and Won’t Be Anytime Soon


Serj Tankian

Things got hot in the System of a Down camp a couple of weeks back when bassist Shavo Odadjian ran his mouth on his Facebook page, blaming Serj Tankian for the band’s lack of new music and saying that the other three members were ready. The band then released an “official” clarification statement of their own with some mumbo jumbo about all four members having to agree on a direction and blah blah blah, but it certainly doesn’t take a soothsayer to read between the lines: Serj is a very busy man — whatwith all his solo projects — and the fate of new SoaD music clearly is up to him.

Serj basically said as much in a recent interview with ArtistDirect [via The PRP]:

First and foremost, they’re my partners and friends I’ve created this music and career with over these years. I’m still very thankful. To me, it’s what I’ve done. It’s where I’ve come in. It’s something I enjoy doing. We started touring again three years ago for good purpose. I think we missed being a part of that together. Of course, we have a lot of fans and people interested in getting a record sooner rather than later. Things take time though.

Everyone has a life and has to have the right frame of mind to make a record at the same time. Jazz-iz Christ and Orca will be my fifth and sixth solo records in seven years. I’ve been touring with System, The FCC, and orchestras around the world. I haven’t stopped. There hasn’t been much time-off. I want to make sure I have time for myself and my family. Only the four of us can decide what System means. I know the fans agree that’s what System is, and that’s amazing.

I can’t write a forced record. It’s like romancing someone at a time you don’t want to be romantic. It’s not even a choice. We’ve enjoyed touring a lot. All of the tours have been well-received. We play really tightly—probably better than we ever have. It’s been cool. A new record requires three years. It’s not something I can do right now. When I can commit to a three-year album cycle, I’ll be down to do it.

Serj’s own records seem to be the much greater priority at this point. Sucks that the other dudes in the band basically have to bide their time and wait for Serj to come around, but Serj certainly isn’t wrong: a three year recording and touring commitment is what it takes to properly do the whole System of a Down thing, and that’s a huge commitment.

So, in other words, no new System of a Down music any time soon.

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