Here’s Video of Slayer’s First Performance Since Dave Lombardo Was Fired and Jeff Hanneman Died


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The new Slayer — NOW FEATURING FEWER MEMBERS OF THE ORIGINAL SLAYER THAN EVER BEFORE!!! — made its live debut at Poland’s Impact Festival yesterday, barely a month after the passing of Jeff Hanneman. Based on the below videos from the show, it would seem that they sounded fine, which isn’t shocking — returning drummer Paul Bostaph and Gary Holt, who I think we can now safely assume is taking Hanneman’s spot full-time, are both talented guys.

Doesn’t change the fact that this isn’t really Slayer, though, and that the band’s setlist still consisted almost entirely of songs written by Hanneman while Dave Lombardo was in the band, as opposed to songs written by Kerry King while Bostaph was in the band. In fact, of the fifteen songs the band played, only five feature music written or co-written by King or Tom Araya (“Hallowed Point,” “Hate Worldwide,” “Bloodline,” “Mandatory Suicide,” and “Chemical Warfare”), and only three were from the first Bostaph era (“Stain of Mind,” “Disciple,” and “Bloodline”).

  1. “World Painted Blood”
  2. “Hallowed Point”
  3. “War Ensemble”
  4. “Hate Worldwide”
  5. “At Dawn They Sleep”
  6. “Stain Of Mind”
  7. “Disciple”
  8. “Bloodline”
  9. “Mandatory Suicide”
  10. “Chemical Warfare”
  11. “Seasons In The Abyss”
  12. “Dead Skin Mask”
  13. “Raining Blood”
  14. “South Of Heaven”
  15. “Angel Of Death”

Sooo… yeah. The phrase you’re looking for is “cover band.”


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