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Best Craigslist Ad Ever of the Day: ***Unclean Vocalist***


Do you live in or near Raleigh, ND? Do you play an instrument or sing clean vocals? Do you love Dance Gavin Dance? Well then, boy oh boy, have we found the creative partner of your dreams! Read his ad in full below:

***Unclean Vocalist*** (Raleigh)

18 year old male unclean vocalist wants to jam with other musicians and join or start a band.My biggest inspiration vocally is Jon Mess. If you like his vocals you may like mine also. He’s wearing the blue peace shirt.’s a link to my vocals.

Email me if you want to jam sometime. If you want me to audition for your band read #1. If you’d like to audition for my band read #2

As long as I like the instrumentals in your band I don’t care about the genre. If you have unfilled spots in your band like say a bass player I’d still be interested in auditioning. I’d like to scream with a singer but I’m willing to scream without one. I want to scream while the singer is singing and take turns like on this song.

I don’t want to give this band a genre from the get go. I’d rather jam and let whatever music we make happen and then start writing, recording, and playing shows. Email me if you want to audition for any of the spots below.

Unclean Vocalist: Me

Clean Vocalist: Unfilled (When we perform live or record our vocals will be at the same volume generally speaking. We will both take turns singing and screaming and sing and scream together. The singer can play an instrument too if he/she wants to. Singer must be comfortable with singing while I’m screaming like on this song.)

Lead Guitarist: Unfilled

Rhythm Guitarist: Unfilled (If you want to audition for this spot that is fine. However if our lead guitarist doesn’t want a rhythm guitarist then this spot will become vacant.)

Bass: Unfilled

Drums: Unfilled

It’s very un-lead singerly of him to allow the lead guitarist to wield so much power… but it’s very lead singerly of him to invite other musicians to audition for him even though it’s much easier to find a dude who can scream than it is to find, say, a good drummer. So I say he’ll be signed to Rise Records by this time next year. If any MetalSucks readers end up joining his future-Diamond-Record-selling band, drop us a line! It’s always gratifying to know that we’ve made a love connection.

Thanks: Aaron

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