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Body Stuff: U Jam?

  • Anso DF


Imagine u and your gf have just enjoyed a fancy pizza are at a serene sidewalk cafe. U dab the corners of your mouth while staring blankly at her boobs, then sit back to await your bill — when suddenly your waiter, of all people, produces from beneath his apron a second pizza that he just prepared. It looks a little unusual, its creator a bit adventurous with his off-the-books fare. So u each look up at him like, What? But alas it is delicious, even more so for its surprise factor.

Well now u know how it feels to jam Body Stuff, a one-man project by Curran Reynolds. See, Reynolds is an ace publicity guy who helps MetalSucks cover awesome heavy bands. And then bam! it turns out that he himself is an awesome heavy band. (He’s also in Wetnurse and, since 2010, Today Is The Day duhhhh.) What’s next? My manicurist just up and builds me a sleek robotic hand? That’d be awesome. Awesome like Body Stuff’s advance jamz “I Will Be He” (below) and “New York Story” (here). So hey fans of Torche, Faith No More, and Jesu: u jam?

 Body Stuff’s self-titled debut EP is out July 23 on The Path Less Traveled. 

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