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Sockweb’s Debut Album Gets a Release Date and a Very Special Guest Appearance



The most heartwarming metal news of the year thus far is, without a doubt, that of how Megadeth’s Super Collider undersold. But the SECOND most heartwarming metal news of the year thus far is that of Sockweb, the grind duo consisting of Adam “Blackula” Young and his six-year-old daughter, Joanie “Bologna” Young.

After releasing three songs in January — and apparently one in February, which we somehow missed — the Youngs signed with Monolithic Records and started making plans for their first album. And now those plans have just about come to fruition: Sockweb’s debut full-length, Werewolf, will be released on August 6… and will feature ” a raft of special guest appearances,” according to a press release, including one by former Salome/current Agoraphobic Nosebleed vocalist, Kat Katz. (Katz is apparently “one of Joanie’s favourite vocalists.” Joanie has great taste!)

Is it weird that I’m sincerely looking forward to Werewolf? The songs Sockweb released this year were all actually good. And listening to the aforementioned song we missed in February, “Bullies are Mean” (below), you can’t even really tell that Joanie is just a little kid. Well, except for the part where she screams “YOU SMELL LIKE DOG POOP!” But still. I think this album is gonna be legit, guys. I’m not joking in the slightest.


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