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Iwrestledabearonce - Late for NothingIn the past couple of weeks, I’ve gone from being theoretically excited for Iwrestledabearonce’s new album, Late for Nothing, to be experiencing sincere, and severe, anticipation for the release. What upped my jonesin’ for IWABO, you ask? The release of two singles: “Thunder Chunky” earlier this month, and now “Firebees,” which you can stream below.

What the two songs have in common is… well… I know this may sound ridiculous, since we’re talking about IWABO, and Late for Nothing has a dog woman attempting to hail a taxi on the cover… but they have a newfound sense of maturity. I’m being totally serious. Their silly names aside, they’re considerably less goofy than the songs which made the band famous; they still seem willing to blend a large array of different styles, but the segues are smoother… now they’re only occasionally abrupt, which, of course, enhances the effect of these sudden switches. The music feels less like it was made with kids by ADHD who are now going to destroy your house just because, and more like it was made by people who are coming to destroy your house with a deliberate intent and well-thought-out plan.

In other words: IWABO are making actual progress as songwriters, and doing it in a way that doesn’t completely betray the elements which attracted their fanbase in the first place. I back it.

Check out “Firebees” below. Late for Nothing comes out August 6 on Century.

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