The Ongoing Concept Write Catchy Tunes, Throw Stones From Their Glass House

  • Axl Rosenberg

The Ongoing Concept

If their new single, “Cover Girl,” is any indication, then the band belong to that genre of metal that might best be described as “EverytimeIdiecore.” You know the kinds of bands I’m talking about. And I’m not even saying that as a bad thing — I like Every Time I Die, and I like “Cover Girl.” It’s well-written and catchy and I really dig the twanginess of some of the guitar parts. It also doesn’t hurt that the video for the song is incredibly entertaining.

But The Ongoing Concept also suffer from severe hubris. The song — and hence, the video — is all about the value of originality. “Stop being the print of someone else’s painting,” the band croons, and while I actually really like that metaphor, a band that sounds like approximately 180,000,000 other bands probably aren’t the most qualified to make such an argument. Just sayin’.

The Ongoing Concept’s debut full-length, Saloon, comes out August 20 on Solid State. My critique of the band’s lyrics aside, I’m still curious to hear the rest — I really do find this song to be catchy as hell.

Thanks: Samuel F.

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