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Question Of The Week: Antichrist Supercar

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Hi MetalSucks reader! Didja know that you can write a MetalSucks Question Of The Week? That’s right, you! The person right here looking of these words! Wow right? You aren’t doomed to only react to the QOTW. Oh my no. You can act first by sending us the question that’s burning in your mind/ballz/boobz. Imagine a whole world of metal people chipping into a discussion that you started. Could you even handle that power? We kinda can’t!

So the next time you’re like, What the fuck? about metal, just activate your internet machine and email your question to Anso [at] MetalSucks [dot] net. Yeah brah! U can twitter it too @AnsoDF same difference. Thanks! And now, today’s very fun QOTW:

Inspired by those special jamz that sound best in your vehicle, we asked our staff the following:

Axl and Vince just surprised you with an upgrade of your car stereo — and it’s super-fancy. So when you all pile in to take a summer test drive/jam/smoke, what’s the first jam you blast on your insane new system?

Roll ’em down and crank it up! Have an awesome wknd!


Vince Neilstein qotwVINCE NEILSTEIN
A car is one of the best places to listen closely to music because of how contained and isolated it is. Bands routinely reference new mixes of their recently recorded jams in their cars. And that’s how I’d go about it too, but in reverse: What album do I know so well — SONICALLY speaking — that I’ll instantly be able to grade a stereo’s performance based on what it sounds like on that system? Well, any of Pink Floyd’s “Big Four” albums, for sure (let’s tack on Meddle too and make it five), or Dream Theater‘s Scenes From A Memory. If Gilmour’s intro solo in “Shine On You Crazy Diamond” doesn’t have DAT TONE or Mike Portnoy’s snare doesn’t pop just right, the stereo’s a no-go … sorry, Axl, though I appreciate the thought!


Sammy O Hagar qotwSAMMY O’HAGAR
In only 3 (three) instances has whatever was on my stereo turned heads. One involved Anaal Nathrakh, which is understandable since singer VITRIOL sounds like he’s on the receiving end of cock and ball torture. Another, Lady Gaga (because fuck you, that’s why). Third was Cannibal Corpse. This is odd because I’ve blasted plenty of death metal in my car over the years. But some high-decibel Dying Fetus, Wormed, Origin, or Morbid Angel never garnered a second look. But “Evisceration Plague” got no fewer than four people to glance sideways at my car. Maybe there’s something elemental to CC’s old-guy death metal that rattles people more than their disciples’. Or maybe there were just a lot of Maroon 5 fans out that day. Needless to say, I’d have Evisceration Plague‘s title track inaugurate this new megastereo. Maybe I’d roll by a Lululemon or Panera while doing so. Or maybe I’d just sit in my driveway having Corpsegrinder drown out my sobbing over the fact that I have nowhere to go.


Dave Mustein qotwDAVE MUSTEIN
I’ll be pumping the greasy ripple of Disfiguring The Goddess‘s “Mountain.” Nothing’s better than tearing through the suburbs blasting the righteous chant of “BROOUURRRGHHGHAOOURGHGHH HURRRGHHGUUUUURGHHH” feat. copious in-seat slams. Plus a wacky waving inflatable arm-flailing Cam dummy performing his sig dance moves out the moonroof.


Anso DF qotwANSO DF
Ha I giggle to imagine my appearance to nearby motorists as I wail all over “In The Rainy Season” by Strapping Young Lad. But that’s the jam that best tests capacity of the car stereos in my life, even if singing its lonnng notes makes me look like I’m choking on a vitamin or something lol. And hmm I think I can time it perfectly so Ax, Vin, and I launch off the Venice Pier at the very instant of the next song “Goat” slams into motion. As we three bob in the Pacific and my car disappears below, I’ll be like, Thanks for the new stereo guys I loved it!


David Lee Rothmund 100DAVID LEE ROTHMUND
Boom. Despised Icon‘s fuck-’em-up thriller “MVP.” I swear this track is more than just vibrations in the air — it’s a steel dildo-fist of aggression and content. Plus it’s Canadian, eh! So let’s see here. Bass drops: Check. Blasting double-bass: Check. Breakdownz: Triple check. And my favorite, a vocal breakdown: Check. I mean, two vocalists? I still can’t get over how well it works for not just this track, but for Despised Icon altogether. When you gots some serious wattage in your whip, more band members = more noise = more thumpy-wumpy = more speed = ¡yehaw! motherfuckers! Vroom.


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