The Modern Age Slavery are “Icons of a Dead World”

  • Axl Rosenberg

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Update, 7/10/13, 3:30 pm: Apparently this is actually a fan-made video, not an official clip — which explains the quality. My apologies for the confusion!!!!

The new video for The Modern Age Slavery’s “Icons of a Dead World” isn’t very good. It’s just footage of a live performance of the song, filmed in a single shot before a too-small crowd, with the speed ramped up or down at seemingly random intervals. (The speed ramping is used for awesome effect only once, during the breakdown near the song’s conclusion.) The clip was clearly made on a very, very small budget, and, alas, imagination didn’t win over lack of funds in this instance.

That being said, the song FUCKING RULES, and if you’re not already hip to this band, I strongly encourage you to watch the video regardless of its less-than-stellar quality. I am totally head-over-heels in love with The Modern Age Slavery, and if I convince even one of you to check out their new album, Requiem for Us All, I will have used my soapbox well. Watch:

Requiem for Us All is out now on Pavement. You can stream the entire thing below!

[via Metal Underground]

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