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Denmark’s Roskilde Festival: The Metal Injection Video Report



You had to be there. It’s an oft uttered and somewhat trite phrase, but in this case it’s so, so true.

I don’t know that I can accurately capture the feeling at the Roskilde Festival in words. I attempted to do so with this overview and I’ll be publishing some photo galleries and additional thoughts in the coming days, but the magnitude of the event and the incredible vibes within have to be experienced to be believed.

Fortunately my partner in travel, Metal Injection’s Frank Godla, has done a fantastic job of capturing what Roskilde is all about in an 8-minute video wrap-up report featuring interviews with bands (Devin Townsend, Slipknot, Suicidal Tendencies and Goatwhore, among others) and festival goers, live footage of several performances and plenty of film showing the people, the sights, the campgrounds and everything else that makes Roskilde be Roskilde. Special shout-out to our new friends at the Danish metal website, the founders of which took great care of us at the festival and are all around great metal bros.

And hey, as a bonus, I make a rare on-camera appearance! I can’t wait for you all to make fun of me… bring it, fuckers.

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