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Exhumed Get Down with the Sickenedness

  • Axl Rosenberg

Exhumed - Necrocracy

Holy shit you guys, you are not gonna believe the fucking night I had. Long story short: I just got home from spending my evening in jail. I’m not even kidding. See, basically what happened was, I was listening to the new Exhumed song, “Sickened,” on the subway, and when I got the bridge — the section that guitarist/vocalist Matt Harvey says the band refers to as “the Bay Area pit starter riff” — and, indeed, I found it impossible NOT to mosh. So I lept from my seat and tried to start a circle pit on the A train. At one point, I even got up on the seat and took a giant leap, hoping to get my crowd surf on.

My fellow commuters were not please. 5-0 were called, I was hauled off to jail, and our attorney, Ken Harris, had to come and work his magic to get me out. It was a total ordeal.

And then, on the subway ride home, I listened to the song again, and, once again, felt compelled beyond my control to start a pit. Luckily, this time Ken was with me and able to grab hold of my arm and remind me that he gets paid by the hour, at which point I finally managed to force myself to sit down and be calm. At least outwardly. I closed my eyes and in my imagination, I started the biggest, siqquest pit ever. Like, people were slamming into one another with lethal force, and by the end of the song, it was hard to keep moshing ’cause we were all slipping on blood n’ shit.

What an awesome song.

Listened to “Sickened” here — but make sure you’re not someplace where moshing is frowned upon first.

The tune will appear on Exhumed’s new album, Necrocracy, which comes out August 6 on Relapse. In October, the band will be part of Dying Fetus’ MetalSucks-presented tour, along with Devourment, Waking the Cadaver, Abiotic, and Rivers of Nihil. Get dates here!

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