Most Needlessly Shat Upon Band Reader Bracket

Rounds 41 & 42: Van Hagar Vs. Ozzy Osbourne, Sunn O))) Vs. L.A. Guns


Shat Bracket Rounds 41 and 42

We were half-right when we predicted that yesterday’s match-ups would be close. In Flames vs. Job For a Cowboy was a real nail-biter, at times coming to within just a small handful of votes of one another, but in the end seniority prevailed and the MS populace has decided that In Flames are less deserving of being shat upon than Job For a Cowboy. Marilyn Manson handily defeated Dope by over 1,500 votes which we should’ve seen coming a mile away. I mean, really… Dope? Nope.

Onto today’s matches. Voting closes at 4:30pm EDT tomorrow, Thursday, July 25th.


There’s a fundamental difference in world views here; Van Hagar are, at the end of the day, walkin’ on proverbial sunshine, while Ozzy really feels he should just shut the fuck up and do what his wife tells him.

SUNN O))) VS. L.A. GUNSSunn vs LAG

On the one hand, they don’t sell L.A. Guns vinyls at Urban Outfitters… on the other hand, they don’t sell L.A. Guns vinyls anywhere.

THE BRACKET THUS FAR (click to enlarge):


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