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Killswitch Engage Drummer Breaks Collarbone, As I Lay Dying’s Jordan Mancino to Fill In


Justin Foley and Jordan Mancino

Two huge bits of news to report. First, Killswitch Engage drummer Justin Foley will miss the band’s upcoming Asian and European tour because he broke his collarbone in a bicycle accident. Via KsE’s Facebook:

To all,

We have some not so good news to announce. Our drummer Justin Foley recently had a bicycle accident and broke his collarbone. So he will not be able to do this upcoming Asia/Europe tour that begins later this week. Luckily we were able to find a replacement drummer on short notice, so we will not be canceling any dates. The replacement drummer will be our longtime friend Jordan Mancino from As I Lay Dying. Barring any unforeseen issues, Justin should be back on track in time for our upcoming North American tour with Lamb of God, which starts in late October.

Justin had the following to say: “I’ve never missed a show, and I’m devastated that I have to miss this tour. I’d like to apologize to the fans and everyone involved with KsE for the inconvenience I’ve caused. I will do everything in my power to heal and return at full strength and as quickly as possible. In the meantime, I’m positive that Jordan will kill it and the band won’t miss a beat without me. I’m honored to have such a monster player fill in. See you all very soon.”

Jordan had the following to add: “I’m stoked to have this opportunity to help out Justin and my brothers in KsE. A few years back, Justin filled in for me on tour while I was dealing with the passing of my father. I’m now able to return the favor with a hope that Justin will heal from his injury quickly and effectively so he can get back out here and shred as he always does for the KsE fans!”

Killswitch would like to thank our Asia and Europe fans in advance for understanding. As always, thank you so much for the support.


Collarbone breaks are gruesome and we wish Foley a speedy recovery. The power of the redbeard will prevail.

The elephant in the room here is that when Jordan Mancino steps on stage at the Fuji Rock Festival in Japan this coming Saturday it’ll mark the first time any member of As I Lay Dying will have made a public appearance since the whole Tim Lambesis drama began in May. AILD’s tour supporting Killswitch was subsequently canceled, Darkest Hour stepped in, and no one’s heard a peep from any member of As I Lay Dying since, other than the media coverage of the Lambesis trial. Killswitch and AILD have toured together a million times in the past and Mancino is a very capable drummer so I’m sure he’ll nail the parts no problem. But how are fans going to react to Mancino’s presence? I can’t imagine he won’t be mobbed with questions about Lambesis if any fans catch sight of him, and I bet he and the Killswitch crew will go to great lengths to make sure his exposure to the public is kept to an absolute minimum. I’ll bet the other members of Killswitch will be bombarded too, and they’re gonna have to come up with some pre-written responses ahead of time or else just say “no comment.” No matter what, it’s gonna be a complete circus. But at least it won’t have to be dealt with in the U.S. I bet that if it were the U.S. tour in question instead of one overseas Mancino would not be the guy behind the kit.

We’ll see how this all unfolds. Should be interesting.

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