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Exclusive Full Album Stream: Exhumed’s Necrocracy


Exhumed - Necrocracy

According to Paul the Apostle, it will be a trumpet that signals the rise of the dead from their graves. But silly Paul clearly got it all wrong. It won’t be a trumpet — it will be electric guitars and blast beats. 

In Paul’s defense, he never heard Exhumed’s Necrocracy.

Indeed, Necrocracy won’t just force your mom/teacher/boss/uptight neighbor/whomever to shout “TURN THAT DOWN! YOU’LL WAKE THE DEAD!” — it will force them to beg “TURN THAT DOWN! YOU’LL ENCOURAGE THE DEAD!!!” If you told us that some kids played this album in a cemetery and accidentally triggered a Dawn of the Dead-esque apocalypse, we would not doubt it for a second. We would also have to assume that those dead are totally rad dudes who, quite literally, rule. Anyone who likes Necrocracy can’t be all bad.

MetalSucks is proud to debut Necrocracy, which you can now stream in full below! Just make sure you’re not near any graves when you do it.

The album comes out August 6 on Relapse. Pre-order it here! In October, the band will be part of Dying Fetus’ MetalSucks-presented tour, along with Devourment, Waking the Cadaver, Abiotic, and Rivers of Nihil. Get dates here!!!

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