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Well, if Gary Holt Wants One…


Kerry King refrigerator salesman

I have little doubt that there are people who will buy something just because a member of their favorite band said they should, but still… you gotta think that Kerry King could have put a little more effort into his endorsement for the Marshall mini-fridge. With all the enthusiasm of someone politely ordering a slice of pizza, King calls the fridge “cool” (I don’t think he meant that as a pun, but who knows, he is a lyricist, after all) and “the real deal” (because some fridges are for poseurs?), and announces that his Slexoder co-guitarist, Gary Holt, wants one. (King is also holding what appears to be a shot of Jäger the whole time, I guess in case any Slayer fans are confused about whether or not you can put booze in the refrigerator.) Honestly, it doesn’t exactly scream “Operators are standing by to take your order!” or anything.


[via Metal Insider]

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