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Extinction A.D.: Hanneman Would Approve

photo by Laura Murray
photo by Laura Murray

In mathematical terms, This is Hell – Travis Reilly = Extinction A.D. (Guitarist Rick Jimenez handles vocal duties in Reilly’s stead.) Given the former band’s recent thrashy proclivities, then, it’s not that surprising that Extinction A.D. work in that genre — or that they make such a righteous racket.

As of this writing, the band has only released two demos — “Angry Blood” and “To Exist in Purgatory” — but they both kick ass in a major way. The Sepultura influence is apparent and unsurprising, given that the band’s name seems to be a conscious reference to Chaos A.D., but it’s the Hannemalistic riffs that really get me. “Purgatory” seems destined to induce headbanging at breakneck speeds, while “Blood” features an awesome riff which seems like a clear homage to a certain other song with the word “Blood” in the title (2:24). This shit definitely has me stoked to hear more from these dudes.

Check out Extinction A.D. here. You can also follow them on Twitter. Presumably news of an album will be forthcoming.

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