This Band Wrote a Metal Song About Social Networks


“One Click Away” by Chaos Beyond is, to the best of my knowledge, the first metal song ever written about social networks, and for that reason alone, I felt it was worth checking out. And the video is pretty good for what it is, which is to say, I assume it was low budget, and the sensibility isn’t mine but if that’s the crowd the band wants to go after, that’s a legitimate choice. I do wish the song was better. It seems like the group is alternately trying to be Faith No More and Trivium, and they don’t really succeed at either. And while the lyrics start out being all satirical-like, they quickly turn preachy.

But, as usual, I expect a healthy number of you out there to disagree with me. And so, I present to you Chaos Beyond’s “One Click Away.” If you hate it, remember that porn is just a click away and you’re under no obligation to watch the whole thing. K thanks.

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