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Emmure’s Frankie Palmeri Has an Internet TV Show Now


Say, did you guys see the incredibly awkward but entertaining interview Rob from Metal Injection recently did with Frankie Palmeri? It’s must-see TV! Palmeri was a pretty good sport about all the ribbing he’s been given over the years by web douches like us, and Rob asked some really good questions.

Now Mr. Palmeri’s done and got an Internet TV series of his very own: Let’s Be Frank (oy). In the first episode, Palmeri plays a game called “Match My Tat” on the streets of Queens, in which he attempts to convince random passers-by to get a tattoo exactly like any of Frankie’s on his (or the show’s producers’) dime. Amazingly someone actually went for it, and it’s not necessarily who you’d expect. Like Emmure’s music, the concept is incredibly stupid but it’s still somewhat entertaining. Watch:

[via The PRP]

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