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James LaBrie - Impermanent Resonance

I was yapping with a friend last night about new music we’d heard when the conversation turned to James LaBrie’s latest. The Dream Theater singer’s third solo album is now streaming at Revolver, and while I hadn’t had a chance to stream it yet, he had. “So it sounds like James LaBrie singing over Soilwork?” I asked. “Yeah, exactly!” he replied. We laughed, because we meant it in a good way; we’re both huge DT and Soilwork fans.

Impermanent Resonance picks up right where 2010’s Static Impulse left off. The album’s liner notes read like a veritable who’s who of the Swedish melodeath scene: the mid-paced, Soilwork-esque melodeath grooves come courtesy LaBrie’s longtime collaborator Matt Guillory, who plays keys and takes on the bulk of the writing duties; ex-Soilwork axeman Peter Wichers gets some writing and production credits here; Peter Wildoer of Darkane handles drums and screaming vocals once again; and Jens Bogren mixes. Who knew LaBrie had such a Swedish fetish?

As the resident MS Mansion Dream Theater Apologist I have no problem bucking the trend and saying that I like LaBrie’s voice. If I came to it fresh in 2013 never having heard it before I might think otherwise but to me it’s so familiar and comfortable, and there’s no denying his talent whether you like the timbre of his voice or not.

So, yeah, James LaBrie singing over Soilwork. Album came out yesterday and can be purchased hereStream it at Revolver.

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