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Diamond Plate: U Thrash?


Diamond Plate

Diamond Plate are a thrash band from Chicago whose Earache Records debut in 2010, Generation Why?, came out right as the re-thrash movement was cresting. The record didn’t do much to stand out, and although it was solid enough most press the band garnered had nothing to do with their music but with their age: the band’s three members were just out of high school when they signed with Earache.

Three years later the lads in Diamond Plate are older, wiser, tighter and way more focused. They’ve also got a new vocalist/bassist in Matt Ares, whose gruff and loose approach I really enjoy. Check out album-opener “Walking Backwards” below via Decibel, which according to the band is the second take of the song, recorded with no click track and no editing. Props! You should also check out “Dance With Reality” via Skulls N Bones, more of a mid-paced hard rocker than an all-out thrasher. I prefer the former.

Pulse comes out August 20th. Order it here.

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