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Sh*t That Comes Out Today: August 20, 2013

  • David Lee Rothmund

Carousel Jeweler's Daughter

Heavy music is supposed to make you excited. Like, excited in the pants. That’s why it’s superior to all other genres! And while there are exceptions out there, today’s STCOT is a focus on those bands which have their own special way of reminding why the hell you liked this fucking genre in the first place. And a few that don’t. To that I toast!


City In The Sea Below The NoiseCity In The Sea
Below The Noise (Sumerian)
On a playlist with: Where The Ocean Meets The Sky, This Day Will Tell, Within Wolves
Listen Below The Noise full stream (here) “Dead Beliefs” (here)

The term “Sumerian-core” gets thrown around as an insult, but most of Sumerian’s bands are fucking killer. After The Burial, Animals As Leaders, Betraying The Martyrs, Born Of Osiris, Darkest Hour, The Dillinger Escape Plan, Evan Brewer, The Faceless, The Haarp Machine, Periphery, Structures, and Veil Of Maya … that’s just the best ones. So it blows my mind that they have bands like City In The Sea and releases like Below The Noise. I thought Conducting From The Grave’s Revenants was the epitome of Sumerian-core. Below The Noise would be 450% better if it sounded more like the rest of Sumerian’s lineup. Hate to say it.


Apocalyze (The End)
On a playlist with: Her Name In Blood, Fear From The Hate, ArtemA
Listen “We Are The Future” (here)

You’re going to read these sentences whiling rocking out to “We Are The Future” and expect me to agree with you about it, which I probably will. It’s kinda fresh at first, but not that good. In fact, the high points of Apocalyze are mostly found in the intro riffage and electronic interludes. There’s no saturation. The little dubstep bit around 1:57 made me say “eh?” (in a good way), but again, not for long. Anyway, metalcore aficionados should step into the comments section and let ‘er rip, though: What say you hereabouts?


sworn in the death cardSworn In
The Death Card (Razor & Tie)
On a playlist with: The Acacia Strain, The Tony Danza Tapdance Extravaganza, Ion Dissonance
Listen The Death Card full stream (here) “Deadpan” (here)

It’s mo-fuckin’ trendy these days to be djenty minus the actual “djent” noise. It’s a great trend. The Death Card is that rotten mix of unkempt horror and extra-smooth BOOM drop-Z sub-blasters that make everything else resemble Wonder Bread. For providing the joy of grinning at its insanity, it earns an A grade. For not-annoying vocals and surprisingly not-cheesy effects, we shall give it another A. And for having resorted to relentlessness in their search for a good heavy high, yet another A. That’s straight A’s. I’m like the opposite of your dickhead teacher who failed you in math cause you were more interested in Korn and porn. Ahh grade school.


Pelican deny the absolute the trucePelican
“Deny The Absolute/The Truce” (Mylene Sheath)
On a playlist with: Russian Circles, Red Sparrowes, Isis
Listen “Deny The Absolute/The Truce” (here)

So Pelican’s next album Forever Becoming will be available October 15, but this delicious 7″ comes out today. (See: headline.) And it is way too good to pass up. Let’s extend a warm thanks to Pelican for bringing crunch into their post-whatever without ending up like jam-rock. Because we all can enjoy a great rock band at a bar, no problem — no problem with the standard bright and clean Gibson-through-Marshall treble in front of the standard positive beat. Makes you feel effervescent! But when you want something more dynamic, “Deny The Absolute/The Truce” fits in perfectly. It’s like your favorite serious, downtrodden post-metal band with a bit more swing and shizam. I ain’t mad.


Fleshgod Apocalypse - LabyrinthFleshgod Apocalypse
Labyrinth (Nuclear Blast)
On a playlist with: Hour Of Penance, Origin, Obscura
Listen Labyrinth (here)

Saving the best for last: Bands set out to top their previous album, saying things like “We are harder and faster and tighter than ever, get it!” I get it. But Fleshgod was one of those bands who I fucking loved that could never top their first album, Oracles. It is so stellar in every respect that I kind of assumed Fleshgod had burned out, and their next albums bore that out. Well, Labyrinth is that throwback to Oracles that I always wanted, but it keeps the distinctive Italian-ness of Agony that I’ve come to respect. And the intro to “Minotaur (The Wrath Of Poseidon)” is motherfucking inspired.


The Ongoing Concept - SaloonThe Ongoing Concept
Saloon (Solid State)
On a playlist with: The Bunny The Bear, The Paramedic, Fit For A King
Listen “Cover Girl” (here) “Failures & Fakes” (here) “Class Of Twenty-Ten” (here)
Read Excretakano MetalSucks review (here)

I can instantly see why Saloon doesn’t tickle nipples. At the same time I can also see why it rustles feathers. It’s self-aware “style” — unabashed skulduggery behind a 99-cent Joker mask with the pricetag still dangling. Fresh as last year’s cat video, still nipping the heels of 50-something technophobe broads at the water cooler. But you know what? I don’t think Saloon is hateful. It’s acceptable. It makes ya happy. Stupid happy, like when you win an argument with yourself in the shower.



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