Here’s Video Footage of Ozzy Sounding Like Absolute Sh*te at Three Recent Black Sabbath Shows


We’ve been giving Black Sabbath plenty of flack ’round these parts lately — and, in turn, we’ve been getting plenty of crap from you guys about it — but it’s not out of malice: vintage Black Sabbath is incredibly near and dear to our hearts. But here’s the thing:

  1. New Black Sabbath is alright, but if it didn’t say “Black Sabbath” on it zero fucks would be given by anyone. It’d be just another mediocre metal record.
  2. Ozzy sounds like absolute crap live these days. He just can’t sing anymore.

Exhibit A on point #2 above: these fan-filmed videos of Black Sabbath live on their current tour. It’s that bad. And lest you think he may’ve just been having a bad night (hey, it happens), here’s three videos of him performing the same song, “Snowblind,” at three different shows. Watch:

As noted by Simple Nomad, the MS reader who sent in the above videos, it’s almost as if he’s the same amount off key each night. He’s not even CLOSE to being on key… I mean… wow, I just don’t even know what else to say. Just downright embarrassing.

I love Sabbath and I love Ozzy, but the above is completely disgraceful. It needs to stop before it sullies the Black Sabbath name forever.

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