Unsigned and Unholy

Unsigned and Unholy: Moon Tooth, Leftlanetheory, The Nihilistic Front


Moon Tooth

It ain’t easy being an unsigned band. In our ongoing Unsigned and Unholy series we turn the spotlight onto some bands you probably haven’t heard of that are just as deserving of it as their signed brethren. And so, today’s picks:

Moon Tooth draw heavy influence from Torche, Mastodon, Baroness and the luck, but they somehow manage to make it sound completely original while feeling so, so familiar. I could swear I’ve heard the incredibly hooky chorus of “Ebb/Flow” before, yet the pace and execution don’t fit in neatly with any of the aforementioned bands. Stream their new EP Freaks below:

Leftlanetheory really is like a young Jeff Loomis, as MetalSucks reader Tim S. suggests. He’s not exactly reinventing the wheel here so much as just riding along on it, but I’d like to think that a fellow with such chops and a clear understanding of instrumental songwriting can take his trade to the next level with time and practice.

The Nihilistic Front would make perfect touring partners for Batillus. Like the former, they play oftentimes glacially paced doom with warped vocals and sound effects that border on, but never really quite get to, industrial. A healthy dose of death metal tonality twists things up a bit. This is the stuff of tortured souls eternally rotting in the fiery cauldron of hell, one painful boil at a time. Stream Procession to Annihilation below via Bandcamp:

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