Tim Lambesis Trial

As I Lay Dying Facebook Update Leads to Major Drama

  • Axl Rosenberg


It’s been nearly four months since Tim Lambesis was arrested for attempting to hire an undercover cop to kill his ex, and so far, the other members of As I Lay Dying have remained quiet, save for one official statement on the matter.

But that all changed over the weekend, when a series of posts on AILD’s Facebook page seemed to indicate, unsurprisingly, that there’s currently some strife within the group. (Worth noting: these posts have since been removed… but not before Metal Injection got nabbed some screencaps.)

It all started with the appearance of this post, advertising a guitar that allegedly once belonged to the band (and, I might add, displaying incredible optimism that the may yet record again):


Guitarist Phil Sgrosso promptly took to his own Facebook page to try and dissuade fans from purchasing this instrument:


Sgrosso’s point is, it should go without saying, an excellent one. And this is when things began to get really interesting. It already seems logical to assume that, for whatever reason, Sgrosso must not have administrative access to the AILD FB page — ’cause if he did, he’d probably have posted his message there, or, better yet, yanked the post about about the guitar down altogether, right? And instead, he found himself in the middle of a flame war with whomever does have administrative access to the AILD FB page, as that person or persons replied:

“Phil’s faulty memory should be discussed internally and not on the internet. Would make sense to check before causing drama.”

This, in turn, led to an exchange between whomever is running the AILD FB page and some AILD fans who were, understandably, unhappy that the band’s first update in four months was about an eBay auction and not, say, their future or their feelings on everything that’s been going on:


As of this writing, that seems to be the end of this little tête-à-tête.

I don’t really know what to say about this, other than, “Sheesh, it must SUCK so hard to be a member of As I Lay Dying right now.” Even the members of As I Lay Dying who aren’t about to go on trial are basically screwed. To call this whole situation “unpleasant” would be the understatement of the century; Lambesis’ actions have tainted not just the name “As I Lay Dying,” but the very idea of it. I don’t think the members of AILD can fire Lambesis and continue with a new singer, and I don’t think they can hire a new singer and change their name, either, and even if they break up and start new projects, the first question our of any interviewer’s mouth when they try to promote that project will be “So uh about that whole Tim Lambesis thing…?” So they’re all basically stuck-in-limbo by association. Little wonder that some internal tension finally boiled and bubbled to the surface.

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